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A Journal of Art History and Criticism

Your support matters more than ever. 


Today, a robust critical and educational platform is one of the most essential missing links in Iranian art. We at Kaarnamaa; A Journal of Art History and Criticism have been committed to offering an answer. The support of friends like you is now crucial in continuing and expanding our projects.

Kaarnamaa is an independent publication focused on modern and contemporary global art. Our editors work voluntarily from Tehran, London, and New York, in order to create a credible academic publication in Persian for artists and art students. The journal's editorial board is comprised of a new generation of writers and researchers who are collaborating from an even larger number of cities and university campuses in Europe and North America. 

We are pleased to inform you that the journal is now accepting donations. Kaarnamaa has never been a for-profit institution, therefore, your gift or donation of any size will have a real and significant impact on our programs.


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